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Herbst & Associates is a small law firm with offices in midtown Manhattan and Stamford, Connecticut that offers sophisticated, yet practical, individualized solutions to client problems in the areas of estate planning and administration, real estate and a variety of business transactions.

Ronald S. Herbst, the Principal of the firm, comes from a family of lawyers, and truly relishes all aspects of the practice of law. His experience included working with large and smaller-sized firms before forming Herbst & Associates with the intent of providing the personal service and counselor aspects that a small law firm can still provide—yet maintaining the sophistication and broad-based experience that he and his able staff offer their clients.

The firm regularly represents clients in preparation of their Wills, Trusts and overall estate plans. The efficient handling of the probate and estate administration process from the straightforward to the complex is an integral part of the firm’s practice.

In real estate, the firm is involved in the purchase and sale of apartments (cooperatives and condominiums), single-family homes, townhouses and small to medium-sized commercial buildings. Ron Herbst is counsel to a number of landlords doing all of their leasing work, as well as tenants in both large and small commercial buildings. For business clients, the firm is involved with the purchase and sale of closely-held businesses, the preparation of agreements among owners, and advising clients on their ongoing business activity.

In addition to attorneys Ron Herbst and Adina Zion, the firm includes Paralegals and Administrative Staff who have worked together for many years in a manner that provides full and caring service to its clients.